Machine Performance

If you found yourself losing 20% of your work week or profits — one out of every five days or dollars — you’d act fast to fix the problem, right? Well, consider this: Your hydraulic system is responsible for 20% of machine performance, according to industry standards. That means if you’re not treating it right, you could be losing time and money without even knowing it. So, what should you be looking for? And what steps can you take to prevent problems? Start here.

Know the signs of hydraulic system problems

Keep your eye out for these indicators that your hydraulic system may not be operating at peak performance. Taking action early can help you avoid unexpected repair costs and downtime.

  • Cylinder Drift (unactuated cylinder movement)
  • Tracking pull one way or another while in forward motion
  • Inconsistent swing motion or jittery movement
  • Squealing from pump or relief valves
  • Temperatures above 190°F
  • Leaks from cylinders, hoses, pumps or motors
Choose components that keep you on the job and profitable

Not every hydraulic system problem is avoidable, but choosing the right parts goes a long way toward preventing performance issues and early-hour failures. For your Cat® machines, that means genuine Cat hydraulic components — the only parts designed specifically for your equipment’s pressures and tolerances and tested to make sure they stand up to the challenges of your application.

Other manufacturers don’t know Caterpillar specs and can’t test their parts against them. Install their hydraulic components and you run the risk of shorter life, poor performance, increased downtime and higher repair costs. That’s especially true with these components:

  • Pumps and Motors: The job-specific design of Cat pumps and motors makes a real difference in your productivity. Seals and gaskets perform better. Bearings and bushings feature higher capacities and greater durability. High-end materials last longer. And that’s just the start. You also have your choice of pumps to match your job requirements — vane pumps for less-demanding applications, simple and rugged gear pumps, and the highest-efficiency piston pumps. Take a closer look.
  • Cylinders and rods: High usage, harsh site conditions, corrosion, abrasion and contamination often lead to failure. Cat cylinders and rods aren’t just built to perform and last in your machine. They also come with multiple levels of repairs to keep your costs and downtime low — everything from reseals and rebuilds to replacement with new or Reman components. Check out your repair options.

Your machine’s hydraulic system is under a lot of pressure (no pun intended). Don’t settle for anything less than components built to maximize its power, responsiveness, breakout force and speed. Take care of your hydraulic system with genuine Cat parts and repair options, and it will take care of you — in the form of less downtime, greater productivity and a more profitable bottom line.

Find genuine Cat hydraulic parts today.