CUSTOMER PARTS RETURN POLICYThere are times when a customer may need to return a part for credit. The following guidelines are to be used in handling those returns.1. Only those NEW parts with an extended list price of $30.00 or higher may be returned.2. ALL STOCK items returned within 30 days will be credited at the purchase price. Stock parts ordered and not picked up may be subject to a 5% restocking charge.3. ALL STOCK items that are returned between 30 and 90 days will be credited at the purchase price LESS 15%.4. All returned parts that are NON-STOCK, FACTORY RETURNABLE returned within 30 days will be credited at the purchase price less 15%; less 25% if returned between 30 and 90 days. All parts that are NON-STOCK, FACTORY NON-RETURNABLE are not returnable.5. If a customer has a number of parts that have accumulated over a period of time, the amount of credit will be negotiated at the time the request is submitted.6. Each returned part must be in the original pa ckage and must meet the manufacturer’s restocking requirements. Each part return must also be accompanied by the appropriate invoice or packing slip.7. Any item returned due to a Quinn error will be handled at full credit to the customer, if returned promptly with an explanation.8. A copy of Quinn’s complete parts return policy is available upon request.9. ALL USED PARTS are sold “AS-IS” except to the extent subject to a manufacturer’s or supplier’s written warranty, if any, and except to the extent QUINN might expressly extend a written warranty at the time of the sale. For more specific information with regard to the availability of warranty for a particular item, please feel free to contact us. All non-stock items are subject to a 15% restocking charge if returned. All sales must be picked up within 30 days of invoice, if not they will be credited and subject to a 15% restocking charge. All core returns must be made within 90 days of invoice to receive any applicable credit. *Many jurisdictions apply some sort of tax on purchases, including the items you are considering from us. Whether a tax will be included in the price of the purchase, added at checkout, charged at the border of your jurisdiction, or paid directly by the buyer depends upon several factors, including the jurisdiction where the purchases will be received, your exempt status and several other variables. Please discuss your potential tax liability with the representative that calls you (and your own financial advisor) to finalize your machine reservation, as you may be liable for applicable sales tax not listed here. Availability & Configuration of the Item(s) of Interest: Please note that all items presently offered for sale are subject to availability at the time of purchase and are subject to prior purchase or unavailability at all times. The availability of any particular item is subject to market conditions, price changes, inventory shortages and other conditions out of our contro l. Therefore, any item offered for sale may not be available at the time of your attempt to purchase or may be subjected to price changes or other qualifications.